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  1. Description of 3 Services
  2. Brice’s Philosophy (based on the current science)
  3. Determining where you should start

1) Structural Integration (The Rolf 10-Series)

The most incredible type of bodywork in the world. Nothing like it compares for releases your pain, aches, old emotions of anxiety or fear, and helps your walking, running, standing, and sitting in life feel light, easy, and connected.

These lovely feeling sessions will calm your nervous system, open all the compressed parts of your body, helping you feel relaxed yet energized.

Unlike massage, which relaxes us for a few days, this type of bodywork is specifically designed to give you the best “bang for your buck” with a long-term permanent impact on your body.

After your first session, you’ll likely be surprised that you didn’t find S.I. sooner, and understand why many people find it to be the most incredibly bodywork in the world.

This work can help most people, especially those with tight skin, muscles, past injuries, births, surgeries, chronic pain, etc. If a person has low bodyweight and hypermobile, this work can help, but less so than most people.

My commitment to my community is not waste your time, money, or hope, which are all sacred. If you don’t notice large, worth-while improvements after each session, this work may not be best for you, but for most people, S.I. yields surprising and exciting results.

10 Sessions of 90-minute sessions to utterly reset your posture and sensory movement patterns. Strokes are slow, gentle, at the appropriate pressure level desired (with or without a touch of warm water) and you will feel your myofascial tightness and compression slowly melt away.

The goal of each session is for you to stand up, to find that you’ve never felt quite this way before, “lighter, balance, easy, and taller”, and that feeling persists long-term, shedding insight on your long-term relationship with your body, equipping you to breath, live, and move as freely as possible.

This work doesn’t make you a better person, it makes you feel more yourself, which is good for all of us.

You must be clothed appropriately in swim, athletic, or opaque underwear during the session.

To learn more about “S.I.”, click here

2) Premium 5-Star Massage:

You just gave me the best massage I’ve ever had. I’ve never had anyone combine dry and oil techniques like you did, and I could tell that every stroke you used had it’s purpose, and I feel incredible.”

Jaime Peterson,
Spa Director of the only Forbes 5-Star Spa in Park City (with 20 years of experience in the industry)

“That was the best massage of my life” is common feedback for Brice to receive. He is absolutely humbled and grateful each time he hears that he can deliver that for his clients, and he finds great meaning in helping people find peace and quiet in their bodies and minds.

Brice provides premium oils, relaxing music, dim lighting, warm neck rolls, heated table, towels, aromatherapy, and cbd options. Like any massage, wearing clothes underneath the sheets in optional and you will be secure, safe, and respected throughout the entirety of the massage.

3) Personal Training

Brice is a graduate of a premium 500-hour Personal Training institution, and has mentored under functional strength coaches Alex Effer and David Grey. He loves helping people build more muscle to help them look, feel, and function symmetrically. He is well versed in the best diet, training, and condition options based on your goals.

Brice is one of very few practitioners who is licensed, certified, or diplomaed in Structural Integration, Massage Therapy, and Personal Training

The Meaning of Life (according to Brice):

Why Integration Matter

  • The Goal of Life = Feeling Human
  • Feeling Human= Feeling Well
  • Feeling Well = Functioning Well
  • Functioning Well = our parts are connected to the whole (our internal and external ecosystems)
  • Parts Connected = Integrated
  • ∴ Therefore, Integration is Goal of Life

“I specialize in improving disfunctions of the internal,, via improving fluid exchange (chemical and kinetic transmission) by improving your body’s ability to regulate pressure. This tends to have a disproportionately positive impact on the body in surprise ways- how often do we forget how vividly “Feeling Good” Feels!

If none of what I said makes sense, and you have no interest in understanding- don’t worry: I will meet you where you are at. “Talk is cheap” and I refuse to be another peddler of the placebo effect.

Let’s improve your bodies mechanics together!

1: FeelingGreat (through Massage or S.I.) -> MovingGreat (performing awesomely (it’s a word now))

2: MovingGreat (through S.I. or Coaching)-> FeelingGreat

It’s a virtuous cycle! The better we feel, the better we move and visa-versa!

Invest in one, and we get the other. Brice wanted to offer both to meet people where they are at. For example…

Maybe you can’t walk or run without pain and your body needs love in order to get there! Investing in Massage and Structural Integration will give you measurable improvements to help you to move again.


Maybe you already are a competitive athlete but have nagging pain, limitations, or want to give yourself an edge. Biomechanical efficiency improves race times, aesthetics, and physical comfort.

Receiving intelligent touch improves body movement; moving intelligently

Massage Therapy

Why: More stress relief

80 minutes of uninterrupted stress relief. We use premium oils, warm towels, relaxing muscle, and a variety of the techniques to release muscle knots, adhesions, and chronic tension in the most therapeutic yet relaxing humanly possible, to give yourself what many have called the best massage of their life.

Structural Integration

Why: Balance your skin, muscles, and joints. Reintegrate injuries, post-operation body, or locked-up body.

You want to relax but also improve your posture, alignment, relationship to your body, process trauma, and work to have a pain-free body.

Strength and Mobility Coaching

Why: Improve your strength and endurance.

You want to improve yourself through movement.

Brice uses the latest in integrative holistic strength training techniques in order to equip you to build muscle, improve running form, and get in the best shape of your life.